Events 2017-2018


Department of English conducted a training programme for Mentors from 20th Nov to 25th Nov for selected II Year students to inculcate the habit of speaking and developing LSRW Skills in English through various activities. 70 students actively participated in the programme. Details of the programme are given below elaborately

DAY 1 (20-11-2017)
  • Mrs. S.K.Sundarlakshmi, Head, Dept. of English welcomed the gathering and explained the purpose of the programme.
  • The "Ice Breaking" session was done by Prof. A.Hareeiharan and it was followed by a video of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalams' speech on "Failure to Success". A student, K. Mohanraj from II Physics 'B' section is asked to express what he learnt from the video.
  • Mrs.S.K.Sundarlakshmi, Head & Mr.A.Udayakumar discussed on "Listening Skill".
  • Mr.N.Sudhaakar took over the session on "How to Use Dictionary"?
  • Er. Pon. Balasubramanian, President and Dr.Pon.Periyasamy, Principal of our college inaugurated the programme.
  • Miss.S.Reka took over the session on "Word Hunting".

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Day - 2
  • Mr. K.Selvam started the session with a motivational video. Students were asked to talk about the video.
  • The purpose was to test the students' Listening Skill by giving them tasks like writing and talking about the video.
  • The II part of the forenoon session was resumed by Mr. N.Ramalingam. He dealt with the topic "Idiom Finders and Phrasal Verbs".
  • In the afternoon session "Prefixes & Suffixes" were dealt by Mr. M.Vijai Prabakaran.
  • At the end of the session the students were benefited by doing activities regarding affixation.
  • Next followed the narration of stories from the video clippings.
  • The students actively participated in the programme by narrating the stories displayed on the screen with the help of their in- charges.

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Day - 3
  • Day three started with Mr.M.Rajasekaran's presentation on "Synonyms & Antonyms".
  • Students were given worksheets to work out Synonyms & Antonyms. They actively participated in the session. Also a video was shown to them on the same topic. They enjoyed the video and repeated what was played on it along with it. The outcome was they learnt Synonyms and Antonyms through play-way method.
  • Next session was followed by the continuation of the previous day's activity i.e narrating story through playing video (playback).
  • Afternoon session of day three was resumed by Mr.K.Selvam. He handled the topic "Framing Questions". He dealt with WH questions, responses and gave exercises to workout.

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DAY - 4 (23-11-2017)
  • Morning session programme started with Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam's motivational video.
  • Prof.T.Prakash delivered a speech on "Reading Skills."
  • Outcome: Morning session was very useful, informative. Students' response was very good. Prof. made the students to interact and made the session interesting. Step-by-step reading is demonstrated and well explained.
  • Afternoon session started with "Word Games" presented by Prof. K.Sornambika.
  • The programme was conducted in five rounds covering the following topics:

    1) Spell Bee 2) Jumbled Proverbs 3) Who am I? 4) Collection Nouns 5)Dumb-Charades.

DAY - 5 (24-11-2017)
  • Prof. J. Charles presented a lecture on "Tenses" with examples in the morning session. Students were requested to find and use Tense.
  • Next session started with the topic "Describing Objects" by Prof. T. Hareeharan. Students eagerly participated in describing the objects, persons, places and things.
  • Displayed motivational videos to make the session interactive. The students were made to relate what they saw in the video.

DAY - 6 (25-11-2017)
  • Prof. K. Chandran delivered about storytelling with examples at the end the students are invited to narrate a story with the help of the image displayed.
  • Prof. M. Deivmani had taken up the session with the topic non- verbal interpretation to make the students to be aware of non- verbal communication
  • Prof. T. Antony Cruz handled the afternoon session with the topic of reading. He made students to realize the importance of reading.
  • Pro. N. Thangeswari gave a presentation on Tongue twister and make the students to take part actively in the session.
Valedictory Function:
  • A girl from II Mathematics A section named Sona expressed her thought that the time was not enough to learn more from the mentors. She thanked all the faculty members to make her as presenter.
  • A boy from II, Physics B Section named Mohanraj mentioned that the six day programme was very useful to build him as a good speaker.
  • A boy from II, Mathematics C Section named Guna expressed that he learned to get rid of fear. He also thanked the president for giving opportunity to conduct the programme to enhance the communication ability among the students.
  • A boy from II, Mathematics C Section named Karthick thanked the professors by giving a quote and also said about his experience that he got more benefits from this programme.
  • A girl from II, Chemistry named Sabitha thanked all the professors and expressed that she had not got the opportunity during her school days. Finally, she requested the President to conduct the programme on Saturdy and Sunday, and requested the mentors to speak in English in the college Campus.
  • Chairman of the college had given motivational speech among the students about speaking English is not a barrier, not to worry about the errors. Asked the students to thank the professors for taking efforts. Finally, He wished all the faculty to do well further.
  • Principal of the College shared his own experience about communication during he was in America with the Chairman of the college. He expressed that the chairman was the inspiration to him by managing the critical situation.
  • Finally, President of our college congratulated the faculty for their contribution to make the students to speak English and proposed to redesign the syllabus according the need of the students and also suggested giving more opportunity to the students for speaking. Programme ended with National Anthem.

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