Departments - Mathematics
About the Department

Mathematics is the Mother of all subjects. It is the study of both mathematical theory and real life applications pertaining to all branches.

Department of Mathematics is the first under graduate science department started in the year 1969. Post graduate programme was introduced in the year 2003. The department was upgraded as a research Department in the year 2007. The department offers B. Sc., M. Sc., M. Phil and Ph. D programmes.

The main objective of the department is to sharpen the basics of Mathematics to develop problem solving skill and to inculcate research aptitude.

  • DST FIST sponsored department
  • The students are groomed academically, under careful personal monitoring by the faculty members.
  • ABEL Interdisciplinary Research Cell conducts quest lectures, seminars, competitions periodically thereby encouraging the students to enhance their Mathematical skills and talents.
  • Mathematical genius Ramanujan’s birth day is commemorated as RAMFEST every year.
  • MATH INCUBATOR is started during the academic year 2020 -2021 with the following aims:
    • To unleash the inherent Mathematical talents in students
    • To lend support for interdisciplinary research
    • To teach mathematics to the needy students
    • Earn while you Learn scheme
    • Assists in typing projects and research papers using LaTeX
    • Helps the researchers in the areas of numerical analysis and Statistical Inferences.
    • Department is recognised under NBHM Book distribution Scheme since 2015.
    • Our ultimate aim is to make them as a real human being with confidence and moral values and enabling them to face the challenges of the dynamic world.
  • The Department has a group of faculty members specified in the fields of Stochastic Processes, Graph Theory, Number Theory and are actively engaged in wide-ranging areas of research in Mathematics and allied subjects.
  • M. Sc. curriculum is framed in accordance with CSIR / UGC syllabi.
  • B. Sc. curriculum is framed to create more opportunities for higher studies and to get suitable placements.
  • The department has instituted two awards for the students: Best Outgoing Student award and Proficiency award.
  • Noon meal scheme is initiated by the department.
  • The donors are from Nehru Memorial College and also outside the college.
  • Food packets are provided to poor students during lunch hour.
  • Atmost care is taken to maintain the identity of students as confidential record.