Department of Chemistry
About the Department

The Department of chemistry of Nehru Memorial College was started in the year 1967 with Pre-University course followed by B.Sc., course in the year 1977. M.Sc., chemistry course was introduced in the year 2007. The Department has been recognized as a research department since 2012. The department offers Undergraduate, Post graduate and research programs. The department has 16 vibrant faculty members out of which 6 faculty members are in the aided stream and remaining faculty members are in self-supporting stream. The faculty members are having Ph.D. /M.Phil. & NET/SET qualification with rich experience in teaching and research. The research interest of the faculty cover areas like Biological Oxidation, Corrosion studies, Computational chemistry, Adsorption studies, Phytochemistry, Bio-inorganic chemistry, Natural products and Medicinal chemistry. Two projects have been funded by DSR-SERB are completed and one project is ongoing. GC-MS Equipment is purchased under DST-FIST. Department of chemistry have signed MOU with Tiruchirappalli District Tiny and Small Scale Industries association (TIDITSSIA). Our Department has two patents in Larvicidal compounds and a process thereof and Larvicidal and Antifeedant compounds and a process thereof. The key mission of the department of chemistry is to motivate students to become a professional chemists and enable them to their own industries and to contribute to our nation.