Events 2017-2018

YRC & NSS "Awareness Programme on Dengue Preventive Measures" & "World Aids Day - 2017" - 20.12.2017

YRC and NSS unit of our College organized "An Awareness Programme on Dengue Preventive Measures." & "World Aids Day - 2017" on 20. 12.17. The Chief Guests were Mrs.R.Santhi, Staff Nurse, Govt.Hospital, Omandur and Mr.R.Babu, ICTC Counselor, Govt.Hospital, Omandur, delivered a lecture on "Dengue Preventive Measures" & "World Aids Day - 2017". Mrs.R.Santhi explained about the mosquito-borne viral disease dengue has become one of the worst nightmares of the country it is also called 'breakbone fever' or 'dandy fever', it is caused by a family of viruses and is transmitted via aedes mosquitoes.She highlighted the harmful effects of dengue and explained preventive measures to avoid the dengue fever in an effective manner. Mr.R.Babu, with a view to World Aids Day observed annually on December 1st, is dedicated to raising awareness to the Aids pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. He emphasized on HIV transmission, prevention and treatment and explained to the students it is an opportunity for every community to unite in the fight against HIV, show support for people living with HIV and remember those who have died. There are sixty five YRC and NSS volunteers were participated in this programme. They had an awareness of "Prevention is a safe way to remain away from any problem". Dr.A.R.Ponperiyasamy, Principal, gave the presidential address, Dr.V.Kaleeswari YRC&NSS Programme Officer, welcome the gathering and M.Ishwarya, III B.A Economics proposed the vote of thanks.

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