Institutional Distinctiveness

Empowering the rural and underprivileged students Community through broad based education Nehru memorial College is located in a rural area and the students population mainly hails from the socially disadvantaged and economically weaker sections of the society, who can get entitled to dignified survival only through higher education and employment. Hence, it has become essential to nurture and sharpen the talents of every student and to offer them a broad-based education with deep knowledge in the chosen discipline and broad general education in other areas. Our is a one stop destination for all the educational needs, career options and life solutions of the students. It is a life changing destination for students. Our college is a trend setter and game changer of higher education in this region. For instance we have started offering B.Sc. computer science in the year 1983, M. Sc., Applied Physics 1983, UGC Innovative programme – M. Sc., Embedded systems in 2013 and M.Sc., Data science in 2018. Education is redefined in the college, based on current global trends in tertiary education. The college uplifts the student community by offering a global, holistic, broad-based education, which include Integrated Learner- Centric interdisciplinary education through Knowledge Empowerment and Integrated Skill Development Programmes. The knowledge empowerment in broad-based education involves blending the curriculum into a whole learning experience, by integrating with Education of deep knowledge in the discipline of study and broad knowledge in general education. The teachers sharpen the mathematical intelligence and linguistic fluency of each student. The teachers identify the uniqueness of each student and help them to excel in that domain.

Knowledge empowerment:

    Utilizing the academic freedom of Autonomy, the College develops curricula to suit the needs of the students with relevance to local/regional National/Global requirements. Taking students beyond academics, it involves them in various interactive skill-development strategies to develop their higher order

  • Writing assignments on issues related to the subject and at the sometime having contemporary relevance accelerates students’ creative thinking and conceptualizing skills
  • Taking Seminars with PPT develop their Synthesizing and Presentation ability
  • Students’ interacting with experts during Seminars/Workshops/Conferences promotes their analytical and application knowledge
  • Industrial visits, study tours, field visits enable students to gather insights on Industrial Practices and latest technologies that promotes students’ questioning and reporting skills.
  • In model making sessions, students’ finding their own solutions stimulates their problem solving strategies.
Enhancing Communication skills

Since the majority of the rural students are first generation learners, lack of competence in communication skills in English is their major challenge. Nehru Memorial College makes efforts to develop their communication skills in English.

  • Several clubs and mentoring programmes are organised to develop communicative skills in various levels.
  • MoU with CSR@ Redington, Chennai has enabled students receive professional training on Soft skills.
  • Group discussions and brainstorming sessions conducted on controversial topics encourage the process of free thinking, boosts up students’ self-confidence and promotes their communication skills Videos, Documentaries and Films are screened and students are asked to offer critical reviews.
  • Students’ building-up and justifying their individual perspectives enhance their communication skills
  • College offers opportunities to the aspiring students to develop communication skills in Hindi also. Hindi is offered under Part-I and a separate course ‘Practical Hindi’ is offered to Hotel Management and Catering Science Students.
  • A separate club is formed to train the students in Public speaking in Tamil

    Technological understanding and synthesizing capabilities

    The Institution maintains a well-equipped, updated, State-of-the-art infrastructure with the following facilities

  • Each science departments has its own separate laboratories for under graduate, postgraduate and research programme in order to utilize the facilities effectively
  • Wi-Fi enabled campus, Internet/Intranet facilities, 50 Mbps Optic fibre connectivity 300 Computers, Printers, Scanners connected through LAN, Smart classrooms, White Interactive board with Touch screen LCD Projectors Video conferencing facility
  • Internships and on-Job-training in companies/hotels/industries integrate theoretical courses with hands-on- experience by which students get insights on required technical skills.
  • 300 KV solar power generations, Generators apart from HT electric lines are available in the campus to meet our power requirement in 24X7.
    Promoting Leadership qualities
  • Group activities of the college–seminars, workshops, conferences- Inter collegiate events are organized by student Committees. It enables them to imbibe planning & organizing skills, intra-interpersonal relationships, team spirit, time/stress/finance management.
  • Student representatives are incorporated into various committees as Campus discipline, Grievance redressal, Hostel Management/Mess and students Welfare Committees. It equips students with observation, monitoring, people handling, evaluation and decision-making skills.
  • Under NSS as well as NCC, students attend several camps in different places. These camps experience provides them ample opportunities to confront grass root realities of life and develop leadership qualities of social responsibility and community solidarity.
    Entrepreneurial Skills:

    To equip and motivate students for starting new enterprises and undertake entrepreneurship, many Industry-related courses are introduced in the curriculum itself. Beyond academics, our department of commerce departments organizes seminars on Entrepreneurship and through interaction with successful entrepreneurs students learn nuances of entrepreneurship. Our departments have offered students practical training programmes in, Soap Oil, Washing Powder & Phenol Vermicompost preparation and Organic Farming, Bee Keeping, Culturing techniques for Mushrooms, Chocolate Making, Fast Food preparation Manufacturing Cottage products Short-term Entrepreneurship programmes on Costume Designing, Paper Quilling, Aari Work, Basket Making, Stitching Purses and Handbags are offered to girl students.

    Employability Skills:

    Placement Cell invites experts from the concerned fields and conducts pre-placement training programmes to prepare the outgoing students to gain prosperous placements. The major areas of output in the training programmes include general knowledge, current affairs, communication skill, soft skills, Resume preparation, participation in group discussion and interview skills. The cell arranges Interface Programmes with prominent Alumni to familiarize the students with the Industrial demands Library keeps ‘Career Corner’ that stocks volumes of competitive exams preparation books and magazines for Students’ use and displays on the ‘Career Notice Board’ career related news about upcoming competitive examinations with dates. Effectively trained, in this alone the students of Nehru Memorial College have secured an excellent record of 1361 placement orders in Educational, Industrial and Banking sectors. Thus, various Skill Development strategies transform Rural Students Community of our College from mere degree holders into a competent, skilled responsible citizen of this nation.