Events 2017-2018

ACEM Meditation Programme - 29.01.2018

The Department of English, NMC, Puthanampatti organized a meditation programme for the interested students on 29th Jan 2018 at 10am in ICT hall ,Mainblock of the college. South East Asian coordinator of ACEM meditation programme , Mr.I.Jayaraj presented a lecture on the importance of meditation and explained how ACEM technique differs from other forms of meditation. This technique of meditation was developed by Dr.Alan Holae from Norway, and how it is being taught in many countries. It doesn't follow any religion and it is not related to any particular God. He advocated concentration and de-concentration methods for practicing meditation. This is a psychology based meditation technique which provides stress relief to the practisers.He conducted a practical meditation session for half an hour and spoke about the thoughts that come at the times of the meditation. His wife, Mrs.kalpana Jayaraj also explained the students how to practice this technique of meditation. The ACEM Co-ordinator of Tamilnadu, Mr.Balakrishnan also participated in this programme. The Principal,Dr.A.R.Ponperiyasamy gave thePresidential Address. Prof.S.P.Visalakshi, the convener of the programme gave the welcome address, Miss.P.Iswarya,Assistant Professor of English gave the vote of thanks.

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