Events 2017-2018

Motivational talk by A.Myilvaganan IPS, Trichy - 23.01.2018

Nehru Memorial College (NMC) organised a motivational talk by A.Myilvaganan IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime & Traffic), Trichy. College President Pon.Balasubramanian and Secretary Pon.Ravichandran spoke on the occasion. Principal A.R. Pon Periasamy welcomed the gathering.

In his talk on "Opportunities and Challenges", the Deputy Commissioner of Police A.Myilvaganan said "Students should understand that life is full of risks. Those who face these risks with courage can come out successfully in their lives. We must do our duty without expecting any return favour. Such kind of people are real assets to the nation. From my childhood, I was firm that whatever may come in my way, I will not forsake my goals. Police force gives me satisfaction to serve the society.

Adequate awareness is needed for all to get out of the problems. Unless people cooperate and abide by the rules, police cannot solve the problems in the society. Crime can be controlled with the proactive citizens.

Future society's betterment depends on the shape up of youth. We will train our youth to abide by rules and regulations. These right opportunities will make our youth to face any challenges in the future" said DCP. A..Myilvaganan.

Dean A.Prabaharan moderated the session

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