Minor Research Projects
Name Of Staff Project Title Funding Agency Amount (in Rs) Status
Dr. A.Rajendran Design and Development of Micro controller Based Systems for Measurement of Nitrate ion Levels in Water Samples UGC 70,000 Completed
Dr.S.Muthukumaran Preparation and characterization of Mn incorporated zinc sulfide (ZnS) nanostrucuture UGC 90,000 Completed
Dr. A.Venkatesan Strange NonChaotic attractor in NonLinear Circuits UGC 91,000 Completed
Dr.P.Neelanarayanan Determination of Effective poison bait carrier for the Management of Rodent pests - Minor Research Project (2005-2007) UGC 91,000 Completed
Dr.P.Neelanarayanan Determination of shelf life period of vermicompost with special reference to its physical, chemical and biological parameters UGC, Hyderabad 1,25,000.00
Prof. M.P. Santhi Evaluation of Anticancer activity of Biophytum sensitivum - Minor Research Project UGC 1,00,000 Completed
Dr. N. Ramesh Population and distribution of Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus) in and around reserve forest and agro ecosystems of Thuraiyur area, Trichy district, Tamilnadu, Southern India - Minor Research Project UGC 1,25,000 Ongoing
Dr.A.Boopathiraja Evaluation of Antidiabetic efficacy of Bougainvillea glabra flower extract in differenct cell lines. UGC, Hyderabad 1,75,000.00 Completed
Dr.M.Meenakshisundaram Detoxification of heavy metals by biosurfactant producing bacteria from uyyokondan river, Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu UGC - SERO Rs.3, 30,000/ Ongoing