Minor Research Projects (2015 - 2016)
Completed Ongoing Sanctioned Submitted
Number --- 4 --- 7
Outlay in Rs. Lakhs --- 7,80,000 --- 21,06,800

S.No Name of the Staff Amount (Rs) Title of the Project Duration of the Project Funding Agency Status of Project Department
1 Dr.K.T.Tamilmani 3.00 Lakhs Developing Effective Strategies for Enriching the word power of the First - generation Rural Learners 2014-2016 UGC Ongoing English
2 Dr.M.Meenakshisundaram 3.30 Lakhs Detoxification of heavy metals by biosurfactant producing bacteria from uyyokondan river, Tiruchirappalli district, Tamilnadu 2015-2017 UGC Ongoing Biotechnology
3 Dr.T. Jayaprakasam 0.7 Lakhs The roll of microfinance in the socio economic development with special reference to gramman bank for powerty reduction in trichirappalli 2015 UGC Ongoing Commerce
4 Mrs.S. Kanchi devi 0.8 Lakhs A study on learning resource constraints in the higher education with a reference government and private colleges trichirappalli district, tamilnadu 2015 UGC Ongoing Commerce
5 Dr. V. Ramesh 4.94 Lakhs Bioactivities of Flowering plant Poncirus trifoliate L. (Family: Rutaceae) against vector mosquitoes 2015-2016 UGC Proposals Submitted Zoology
6 Dr. N. Ramesh 4.93 Lakhs Population ecology of Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus, Linnaeus 1758) in selected Talukas of Trichy district, Tamilnadu, Southern India with special reference to Threats by Poisoning in different Agro ecosystems. 2016 UGC Proposals Submitted Zoology
7 Prof. M.P. Santhi 4.90 Lakhs Isolation, Identification and charctrization of anticancer compounds from biophytum sensitivum 2015-2016 UGC, Hyderabad Proposals Submitted Zoology
8 M. Kesavan (Reg No. P14Z 4503)
P. Muthukumar (RegNo. P14Z 4505)
Under the guidance of Dr. N. Ramesh
0.075 Lakhs Larvicidal activity of Silver Nanoparticles synthezed by various leaf extracts against larvae of Culex quinquefasciatus (SAY) (Diptera: Culicidae). 2015-2016 (TNSCST) Proposals Submitted Zoology
9 Dr.A.Rajendran 4.75 Lakhs Design and development of a Chua's circuit to demonstrate chaos for science and engineering graduates using ARM Microcontroller 2016 UGC Proposals Submitted Physics
10 Dr.R.Manimekalai 0.7 Lakhs Economics of Egg Exports with special reference to Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu 2016 UGC Proposals Submitted Economics
11 Dr.Karunaharan 0.8 Lakhs Role of State and Non- State Institutions for Economic Survival of Mechanized Boat Workers during Marine Fishing Ban in Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu 2016 UGC Proposals Submitted Economics