Events 2017-2018

IAS & IPS : Challenges & Opportunities - 28.07.2017

Additional Director General of Police C.Sylendrababu IPS spoke on "IAS & IPS: Challenges & Opportunities". President Pon.Balasubramanian, Principal Pon.A.R.Periyasamy and Dean A.Prabaharan also spoke on the occasion.

In his talk, ADGP C.Sylendrababu said "Students those who are aspiring to join the Indian Civil Services must be put in smart work rather than hard work. Smart work means using the available time and resources, one must succeed in the examinations. There are vast ocean of information available. But students must pick up the right kind of knowledge. There should not be diversions from the main goal. A lot of readings must be done. All round knowledge is needed to become successful in the civil services examination. Adequate nutrition and exercise are must to grasp from the books and keep it mind for the examination. Those who fail in the examinations don't keep the basic requirements in the priority list and those who succeed keep these essentials in the top priority list."

The ability to choose the right and wrong is the mantra for the success in the competitive examinations. With more and more students are aspiring for the examinations it is becoming difficult. With more and more electronic information and knowledge available it is easy even for the remote rural area students to get through the examinations.

Civil services is the most challenging and fulfilling job one can get. Those who are dream to change the country and work for the welfare of the common people must choose the civil services."

C.Sylendrababu, ADGP promised to help the rural students who are keen to become civil service officers with all the resources at his command.