Departments - Mathematics

  • The aim of the Math-Incubator is to
  • unleash the inherent Mathematical talents in students
  • lend support for interdisciplinary research
  • teach mathematics to the needy students
  • assist in typing projects and research papers using LATEX and Ms- office
  • help the researchers in the areas of numerical analysis and Statistical Inferences.
  • teach Mathematics to school students in their residential areas
The activities during the academic year 2020-21 Activity Beneficiary Classes taken by Remuneration
1. Teaching Mathematics to School Students From L.K.G To 12thStd Students in and around their residential area 1. K.Tamizhselvan(2K19112)
2. B. Sathya (2K19125)
3. S. Shalini(2K19129)
4. S. Leelambigai(2K19139)
5. T. Dhanapriya (2K20UN02)
6. R. Shalini (P21MAT114)
2. Remedial Class N. Manoj kumar (III B. Sc. Chemistry) K. Tamizhselvan(2K19112) Free
3. Remedial Class Ms. Dhanalakshmi Batch(2006-2009) 1.K. Gowtham (2K19104)
2. K.Tamizhselvan(2K19112)
3.B. Sathya (2K19125)
4. S. Shalini (2K19129)
5. S. Leelambigai (2K19139)
Rs. 5000/-
4. Thesis Preparation Dr. R. Seethalakshmi, Dept. of Maths, SASTRA, Thanjavur. S. Thilagarathinam Rs. 10,000/-
5. Data Analysis Dr . R. Sivagami, Dept. of English, VIT, Chennai. S. Thilagarathinam Free