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About the Department

The department of physics originally started as an undergraduate department in the year 1972-73 has attained a phenomenal growth and has become a Post graduate and Research department in the year 2001. The department offers B.Sc., Physics, M.Sc., Physics, M.Phil Physics and Ph.D. The department also offers Advanced Diploma programmes in Instrumentation and Electrical and Electronic Equipment Maintenance under the Carrier oriented programme sponsored by University Grants Commission, New Delhi. Dr.S.Kumararaman M.Sc., Ph.D., is the Head of the department.

The department has 25 faculty members out of which 9 faculty members are in aided stream and remaining faculty members are in the self supporting stream. There are three vacancies in the aided stream for which management has appointed faculty members and the salary is given from the management resources. Out of the 25 teachers, five faculty members hold Ph.D., Degree and remaining members hold M.Phil degree. The Department has well equipped laboratory housed in a separate block of approximately 6000 sq.ft.,. The laboratory is equipped with latest equipments. The department has a sophisticated FTIR spectroscopy (Perkin Elemer), Constant Temperature bath, Ultrasonic interferometer which are used for research purpose.