Departments - Mathematics
Niels Henrik Abel -Norwegian Mathematician (1802-1829) ABEL AWARD

ABEL Research and Extension activities Cell is inaugurated on 19th February, 2009 in the Department of Mathematics by Dr Rani Siromoney, Adjunct Professor, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai and Dr V Rajkumar Dare, Head, Department of Mathematics, Madras Christian College, Chennai with the following aims:

  • To come under one roof of the research world
  • To get the exposure of various applications of Mathematics
  • To have intense interactions with one another and resource persons
  • To attend periodical lectures of resource persons
  • To start an inter disciplinary research work
  • To organise National / International Workshops / Seminars / Conference every year
  • To prepare the students for CSIR / SET
  • To arrange different inter collegiate student’s seminars
  • To organise different extension programmes for the benefit of school teachers, children and society
  • Stochastic Process
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Graph Theory
  • Number Theory
Number of PhD Awarded :
Number of PhD Pursuing :
FT – 03, PT – 01
Illam Thedi Kalvi
  • Ten students are selected for teaching service by Tamilnadu government.
  • The students teach Mathematics to the school students of their own locality in and around their residence.