Red Ribbon Club (RRC)

Programme Officer: Dr. K. Karunaharan (from 2010 – 11 to 2012 –2013)

Vision and Mission : "Celebrating Life!"

Red like Love, as a symbol of passion and tolerance for those affected. Red like blood, representing the pain suffered by the many people who have died of AIDS. Red like the anger over the helplessness. We are facing for a disease which still has no cure. Red as a sign of warning to not carelessly ignore one of the biggest problems of our time.

Academic Year-wise activities
Sl. No. Academic Year Activity status
1 2009 - 10 Programmes was introduced
2 2010 - 11 Conducted
3 2011 - 12 Conducted
4 2012 - 13 So for one event was conducted
Regular activities by Red Ribbon Club (RRC)

  • Celebrating Life (resource person from District level RRC Manger, ICTC counselor and HIV + speaker)
  • Workshop for Programme officer on Aids awareness
  • Workshop for RRC volunteers on Aids awareness
  • Exposure trip to Integrated Counselling and Training Centre (ICTC) Omandur
  • Elavattam (student participated various Cultural programmes at Chennai)
  • College level elocution and singing competition
  • Proposed RRC activities for the academic Year 2012 – 13.

  • One day workshop for RRC volunteers (completed)
  • Celebrating life!
  • Competition about RRC objectives
  • Blood donation awareness
  • Exposure trip
  • The following students have participated one day workshop for RRc volunteers along with RRC programme officer on 31.8.2012

Sl. No. Name of the Student Volunteers Reg. No. Class
1 S. Sankar 2K11505 II B. A. Economics
2 K. Mani 2K12503 I B. A. Economics
3 G. Mohanraj 2K12403 II B. Sc. Zoology
4 V. Vinoth 2K12612 I. B. Com.