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Department of Chemistry
About the Department

Chemistry is an exciting and dynamic subject that is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of society.

Chemistry influences our everyday lives: for example, polymers designed by chemists become the packaging for our food or the clothes that we wear, and of course no new medicine would be developed without the expertise of a chemist.

Chemistry is all around us. To study Chemistry is to discover how it is relevant to every aspect of our lives.

Learning about the fundamental basis of chemistry - the analysis of molecules, their structures and shapes and how they react - is vital for our modern society. Chemists can really make a difference in the world!


  • A personal supervisor to oversee academic progress and personal welfare
  • A teaching programme which ensures a highly supportive learning environment
  • Lectures supported by small-group tutorials
  • State-of-the-art research facilities
  • Choice of chemistry courses is flexible

Career Choices

  • Agricultural chemists
  • Analytical chemists
  • Biochemists
  • Environmental chemists
  • Food chemists
  • Medicinal chemists
  • Petroleum chemists
  • Polymer chemists
  • Academicians/ Research Scientists
  • Efficient School Teachers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • This list goes on …………