Revaluation (or) Improvement for Under Graduate Programmes only

In order to maintain transparency in the evaluation process, photocopies of the valued answer scripts of semester examinations are provided to the UG candidates who are desirous to apply for REVALUATION (or) IMPROVEMENT. The student will have to remit the prescribed fee for getting transparency of valued answer script for each course code wise. If the script is recommended for revaluation by the H.O.D. of the respective department(s), again the candidate (s) will have to pay the prescribed fee for each course code for revaluation of answer script(s). Revaluation of answer scripts is permitted only for Semester Examinations (November and April).


(a) For revaluation, a candidate can apply for only two course codes in which he / she has not passed (RA) the external examination.
(b) For improvement, a candidate can apply for only one course code in which he / she has passed the external examination.
(c) A candidate can avail only any one of these two options i.e., either a or b, but not both.