• The Candidates shall be allowed into the halls / rooms only Ten Minutes before the Commencement of Examination. They must enter into the examination hall with Hall-ticket and Identity card issued by the Principal with writing materials and non-programmable calculators (if required).
  • The candidates shall not be permitted to take the seats other than the one allotted to them.
  • Candidates who come late after 30 Minutes from the commencement of the Examination shall not be permitted to write the examination. Similarly, no candidate (even if he / she has handed over the answer script) shall be permitted to leave the Examination Hall, before the expiry of 30 Minutes after the commencement of the Examination.
  • The Invigilators without disturbing the candidates shall verify the Identity cards and Hall Tickets for Identity and see if the Register Number found in the Hall Ticket has been correctly and legibly written on the Main answer book with all prefix / suffix (all the characters should be written in full without any abbreviation or omission of letters or digits).
  • The candidates who are absent for the examination should be marked as "AAA" with red colour pen in the candidate's attendance form.
  • The Invigilators should also ensure that the candidate has received the correct Question paper. They should verify whether the Course Code and Title of the Course printed in the Question paper are the same as in the Hall Ticket and Main answer book.
  • The Invigilators should be vigilant while keep moving in the Examination hall and they must keep an eye on the individual or group of (candidates does or do not indulge in any kind of) Malpractices.
  • The Invigilators are requested not to allow the candidates to borrow pens, pencils, eraser, geometrical instruments, calculators etc. from others when they are inside the examination hall.
  • The Invigilators are requested to avoid using mobile phones while attending to Invigilation duty.
  • The Invigilators should instruct the candidates to use the answer sheets judiciously i.e., the candidate should write at least 20 lines per page.
  • The Invigilators should instruct the candidates not to write anything in the question paper. They may be encouraged to do rough work in an additional sheet provided to them and at the end of the examination they should fasten it along with answer sheets by duly mentioning "ROUGH WORK".
  • The Invigilators can collect Clark's mathematical table, Statistical table and Compound present value table from Chief Superintendent and distribute to the candidates on request and the same should be obtained back from the candidates immediately after the use, without any scribbling.
  • The Invigilators are requested to instruct the candidates to fasten all the answer sheets before they hand over to them.
  • The Invigilators should arrange the answer scripts programme wise, course code wise and register number wise (in ascending order) before they hand over the same to the Chief Superintendent.