Departments - Zoology

Our department Laboratory is well equipped with latest and advanced instruments required for PG courses, M.Phil., and Ph.D., research. Our department is having one PG Lab and one under graduate lab.

Our department has the following equipment:
  • Digital microscope with camera with 100x oil immersion and stereo microscope,
  • UV-Visible spectrophotometer,
  • Colorimeter,
  • Flame photometer,
  • Flurometer,
  • Rotary vaccum evaporator,
  • Projector microscope,
  • Bomb calorimeter,
  • CO2 Incubator,
  • BOD incubator,
  • Laminar Airflow,
  • Rotary Shaker and
  • Rotary microtome.
  • PCR
  • Flourescent Microscope Centrifuge
  • Semiautoanalyzer
  • Soxhlet apparatus
  • Inverted Microscope

A complete electrophoresis, 2D electrophoresis and immunoelectrophoresis set up with power unit is also available in the department. We do have high precision weighing balances, pH meter, water quality analyser etc. We provide computers with net facilities for PG students and research scholars.

The department is also having one Zoological museum. The museum is equipped with rare collections made from throughout the country by personal efforts by the members of the staff and students.

Lab to Land Programme

Our faculty members are often conducting special camp and giving lectures to the farmers on Biological Pest Control, Vermiculture, ornamental fish culture, apiculture, Spirulina culture, etc.,

Library Facility

Apart from college general library, the department houses a library catering to the needs of the students. Special efforts are made to add latest text books and scientific journals to the collection. M.Sc., and research scholars of the department have access to the internet facilities for academic purposes.